Ukrainian Women's

Association of Canada

Ukrainian Women's Association of Canada - U.W.A.C.

The Ukrainian Women's Association of Canada was founded in 1926 in Saskatoon, Sask. The Association works diligently to preserve, develop and nurture the Ukrainian cultural heritage and traditions as a distinctive contribution to the national culture of Canada. It also works in partnership with other women's organizations and the community to address current societal issues and focuses on the education of the youth.

The U.W.A.C. is an integral component of the Ukrainian Self-Reliance League of Canada and is affiliated with the National Council of Women, the Ukrainian Canadian Congress and the Ukrainian World Congress. Branches of the Association are located within the structure of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada parishes and in addition to their cultural and educational activities serve the needs of the Church as outlined in the Constitution.


For a list of U.W.A.C. branches across Canada click here.

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