Ukrainian Museum of Canada

In 1936, the U.W.A.C. organized the Ukrainian Museum of Canada in Saskatoon and, over time, regional museums were established in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Edmonton and Toronto (1944) along with a museum collection in Calgary.


USRL played a strong role in forming, organizing and running the Institutes which were organized to support and encourage education, especially post-secondary education.

SUS Foundation of Canada

SUS Foundation of Canada is a nationally registered charity founded in 1965, which provides grants to other charitable organizations or educational organizations for the purpose of "the preservation and advancement of education and of the Ukrainian culture in Canada".

Alberta Ukrainian Self-Reliance League

Alberta Ukrainian Self-Reliance League (also referred to as “AUSRL”) is a “Not for Profit Society” in the Province of Alberta and is a Service Organization of the Ukrainian Self-Reliance League of Canada.

St. John's Fraternal Society

The St. John's Fraternal Society joined USRL in the 1970's.