Strategic Plan


The mission of Ukrainian Self-Reliance League of Canada is to sustain and grow the Ukrainian Canadian Orthodox Community.

We will achieve this through sustaining and growing the community through cultural, faith, leadership and community development.


The vision of Ukrainian Self-Reliance League of Canada is to be a leader in the Ukrainian Canadian community that offers relevant, innovative, and dynamic programs facilitating the growth of a vibrant inclusive multi-generational Ukrainian Canadian Orthodox community.


To achieve our goals, the Board of Directors has developed a Strategic Plan which is the culmination of many years of discussion and workshops. It is critically important that we know WHO we are, WHAT we do, WHY we do it and HOW we are going to move forward. Mission and vision statements have been developed along with 5 Strategic Priorities which are supported with specific actions to achieve them.

The Strategic Plan will assist the USRL in focusing its combined efforts and resources to fulfill its mission and achieve its vision.

Our strategic plan promotes a creative, proactive, results-oriented approach which also balances short-term priorities with long-term thinking and goals.

Our strategic plan enhances USRL’s capacity by encouraging a team approach within our organization, generating new ideas and possibilities and supporting and strengthening our relationship with the UOCC. It provides a plan and systematic approach to strategic decision-making, accountability and evaluation of progress. These elements are all critically important to our growth and survival.

USRL Strategic Plan 2020-23
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USRL Strategic Plan version 2 June-2020 Website.pdf
USRL Strategic Plan 2020-2023 Slide Show
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USRL-CYC Strategic Plan 2020-23 Website.pdf