Apply for Membership

The four categories of membership in USRL are:

Branches, Component Organizations, Affiliate Organizations and Individual Members, as shared in our Organizational Structure

Please check out our Apply for Membership page for Membership options, or contact our Component Organization (UWAC, CYMK-UOY) to join their respective organizations.

As well, each of our Affiliate Organizations also maintain their own membership opportunities.

If you are applying as a member, use this form (Feb. 2022):

USRL Membership Form Final 2021 Individual.docx

If you are registering a Branch (submitting on behalf of a USRL (USRA-TYC) Branch, use this form.

Email the completed form to, and send the Branch Membership fees separately to our National Office.

USRL Membership 2020 - Branch Listv200331.xlsx