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Donations to CYC/USRL National

Donations to CYC/USRL National are receiptable for income tax purposes if these are in support Project 20,000 or to the History of Ukrainians in Canada Publication Fund. Project 20,000 is used to support CYMK, youth and culture while the publication fund is in support of writing and publishing histories on our Ukrainian Orthodox Community in Canada.




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USRL projects are based on the following priorities:

1. Serve & Support the U.O.C.C. in its emerging mission and embrace / affirm its distinctly conciliar Ukrainian Canadian Character

2. Foster an appreciation & promote the development of contemporary Ukrainian Canadian culture & identity

3. To coordinate & lead & direct activities of U.S.R.L components

4. Provide leadership & advocacy on issues affecting Ukrainian community

5. Provide leadership support to the development of democratic institutions & unity / strength of orthodoxy in Ukraine

6. Promote our core values of self respect, self help, self reliance / assurance

7. Clarity of the relationship between USRL & UOCC

8. Ensure the future of USR by assisting youth and recruiting members, etc

Next steps… Have to decide what projects we are going to do. Instead of trying to do everything at the same time, prioritise what will have the most impact first and which best Next steps will be a 4 or 5 person team going over everything discussed today. Then action will be taken as far as setting up the next meeting and steps.