Ukrainian Self-Reliance League of Canada
Союз Українців Самостійників Канади

The Mission of CYC

M1. Preserve the Ukrainian Canadian heritage and advance the Ukrainian Canadian culture.

M2. Create an environment that will foster the development of leaders within the Ukrainian Canadian community and the greater Canadian community.

M3. Create a rich and rewarding experience for its members.

M4. Enhance the future growth of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada.

M5. Preserve and enhance the future growth of CYC and its component organizations

The Vision for CYC

CYC is a vibrant and sustainable organization within a unified Ukrainian Orthodox community in Canada, that is a strong promoter of Ukrainian Canadian culture and which preserves and enriches the Ukrainian Canadian culture.

The Values of CYC

1. Faith Christian Preservation of Orthodox Faith Faith (way of life) "thou shalt" Appreciation of Orthodox Christian faith Trusting God

2. Culture Cultural traditions Ukrainian cause Our Ukrainian heritage Appreciation of Ukrainian culture

3. Inclusivity inclusiveness accessibility open-minded and accepting open policy

4. Integrity honesty integrity trust credibility

5. Respect Respect Patience, forgiving Tolerance Sincerity (not two-faced) Compassion

6. Fellowship friendship love family-based fellowship and fun fund fellowship


Contact Information:

National USRL (CYC) Office
1027 North Service Road
Stoney Creek, ON
Ph: 905-643-3250