Convention Schedule

USRL 2022 Conv Master Schedule Aug 4 Legal.pdf

This is our current schedule, as of August 4. Due to COVID-19 influences, we may have to change or modify the schedule as required.

Please check the Registration Desk for Updated Information.

The USRL-CYC Annual General Meeting and General Sessions Program is below:

USRL 2022 Sessions and AGM Agenda 220802.pdf

Unfortunately, due to planning and technical limitations, we are unable to offer virtual participation in the USRL-CYC AGM Meeting component of our USRL Schedule

We may be able to include virtual participants in our General Sessions. Please email by Tuesday, August 10, 2022 with your request to be added as a guest to the virtual sessions. You must have Google Chrome browser installed on your computer / device and will be sent a link to join the Google Meet session scheduled in the Agenda and Program Listing.

Guests do not need to have a Gmail account, but must a have valid verifiable email account. A test email will be sent to the guest requesting access, to which a reply is required, to ensure the account is active .

We ask all virtual guests to mute their microphones and use the Hand if they wish to ask a question or speak to the presenter. Failing to follow these video meeting protocols will result in immediate termination of the Google Meet for the participant.