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President Emil Yereniuk 780-457-1451
Vice-President Jars Balan  
Secretary Mark Ferey  
Treasurer Will Zizak  

Members at Large



Marshal Opyr

Mitch Makowsky

Bohdan Maslo

Chaplain V. Rev. Fr. Mykola Sawchenko  
Past-President Dr. Tony Harras  


Mailing Address: 10611 110 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 2Z5


Core Values:Vision, Integrity, Commitment, Service, Collaboration and Achievement;

Purpose: To continue the pioneering spirit of our forefathers to perpetuate and enhance the religious, moral, cultural and national values in Canada as Ukrainians and Canadians;

Vision: TYC is a vibrant organization composed of dedicated members utilizing their diversity of talents to serve our CYC family, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada, all Ukrainians and all Canadians.

Aims and Objectives:

1. To perform deeds and acts that contribute to the continual growth of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada and to encourage its members to practice and live by the Christian principles as enunciated by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada.

2. To develop and maintain within its membership profound pride, love and respect for their Ukrainian heritage and to promote the study and knowledge of the history and geography of Ukraine, its language, literature, music, arts and crafts, traditions and customs, as distinctive attributes of their identity

. 3. To promote the welfare of and co-operate with the member organizations, institutions and affiliated members associated under the Ukrainian Self-Reliance League of Canada, paying particular attention to CYMK where we shall take an active role in helping CYMK grow, prosper and develop future leaders.

4. To promote within the Ukrainian Canadian community an attitude of excellence in Canadian citizenship, to cultivate among its members a deep and abiding understanding of and respect for parliamentary institutions and the rule of law and the obligation to respect the rights of others.

5. To encourage club members, by precept and example, to lead lives based on the principles of self-respect, self-reliance and resourcefulness.

6. To aid Ukrainians in the Diaspora in their struggles for cultural, religious and human rights and in their homeland for human rights and for the Rule of Law.

Projects: Currently a number of projects are being developed. details will be shared with members once these are available.